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Tips For An Expectant Father
Woo-Hoo! You are going to be a dad. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, you still have a lot to do in order to wrap your mind around having a miniature person in the household. When it comes to chores leading up to the arrival of that new bundle of joy, there’s only so much you can do. That’s because 1) You’re a guy and 2) Your significant other has the bulk of the work on this one. So, to help you through this wondrous occasion, we have put together a list of tips for expectant fathers.


1 – Going Out With The Guys After Work Is No Longer An Option

Sure, maybe you were able to sneak away for a few hours when there was no baby in the house. Possibly you pulled it off once or twice during the second or third trimester. However, once Junior makes his big debut, the fun times end. Well, the fun times with The Guys comes to an end. Your life will become a completely different set of circumstances with very different rules. Oh, and did we mention your hours are going to change a lot as well? It’s gonna be a blast, you’ll see.


2 – Maternity Clothes Is For Pregnancy And Beyond

Your better half is going to go through some pretty amazing changes during the nine months to motherhood. They are not all good nor are they all fun. One that may really have an impact on her self image is the way in which her body will um, alter. This is what maternity clothes are for. In fact, sometimes affordable clothes worn during pregnancy can be the most comfortable. Uncomfortable clothing just reminds her that her little black dress is not going to fit for awhile. Your job during this stage is to keep things light and upbeat by being supportive.


3 – Breathing Exercises Will Help You As Well

If you are one of those macho types who thinks pre-pregnancy classes and breathing exercises are for wimps, think again. You may discover that while your lovely wife has you in a strangle hold in the delivery room that those deep breathing exercises may come in handy. They could save your life. That being said, it has never hurt anyone to take too deep a breath, so get used to it. Deep breathing will also keep you relaxed when everything suddenly becomes a blur in the speeding race to the hospital when she gives you The Nod that it’s time to make tracks.


Don’t Ever Think Of Tapping Out

The role of the expectant father is to be there. Not just in body, either. Pay attention, bend some rules if you have to in order to accept some of the things you cannot change until your child is in college and you’ll survive. The main thing is that you leave the fainting to the relatives and fulfil your role as the senior man of your household and go-to guy that even your buddies will envy.

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