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How "Mom and Me" works

We stick to what's basic. We cater to customers who desire a product with a conscious knowledge that a big brand, fancy packaging or a retailer network is inconsequential to their needs. 

We eliminate all padded costs associated with the traditional distribution network, branding  and custom packaging, and focus on making quality more affordable.

We work hard to bring you products from manufacturers that also supply to big brands and hold them true to their commitment. Based on what our customers tell us, we don't hesitate in providing real feedback to our manufacturing partners on quality and delivery performance. Our loyalties always lie with the customer.

While we make the function lean and transfer the benefits to you, we also make sure you win as we promptly pull down our prices if our manufacturer gives us a discount (no matter how small or big) for a period. This also means we need to increase prices up for a few products at times (again, for a period of time) although it doesn't happen for all the products and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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