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Shipping and FAQ

How long does it take to ship an order?

It takes up to 5 days to process your order as this is dependent on the manufacturer. After shipping, it takes between 7 and 18 days for delivery. We understand that without delays, customs or freight takes about 16 days to complete an order. At times, specific products could be marginally delayed due to sorting, customs and local postal priorities and other challenges. 

In the case that after 30 days you did not receive your shipment, please send a mail to us at to review the status of your order.


Do you guarantee delivery within your stated period?

Unfortunately, no. Our immediate motto is to make quality affordable. At our prices, we cover international shipping costs, customs handling costs as well as local postal costs via AusPost. You need to consider that as on date the minimum AusPost parcel cost is c. $8. This leaves us with very little room to influence logistics outside of agreed terms with all parties concerned. 

Having said that, we'll definitely turn the world upside-down (yes, a little exaggerated but the effort is honest) to track where your shipment is and when it may be expected. And we've rarely failed in doing that. We are also aware that some of us may want something quicker. If speed was the need, we probably aren't your most suitable choice. But, we can save you around half the costs for similar products you buy elsewhere. Think of us as the tortoise that beat the hare by virtue of delivering within its capabilities. And winning too.


Why is the shipment late?

There are numerous reasons why your delivery is late. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration;

1. Manufacturers' efficiency in shipping product out quickly (or within acceptable limits)

2. Customs clearance (at all locations)

3. International low-cost delivery centres in the country are limited. As a result, local inter/intra-state logistics adds to delivery timeline

4. Local postal priority for delivery

5. Holiday or sale periods

6. Local and international holidays

Through available information, we know that about 88% of all deliveries are made within 14 days. If it takes longer, it's an unfortunate scenario that your order is one among the outliers.


How do you ship multiple products within the same order?

Trust and reputation are two values central to Mom and Me philosophy. That is why we only have good, reputed manufacturing partners that have a good track record on delivery. If your order has products fulfilled by more than one partner; you will find the products being delivered separately. It is also likely that one product is received well before the next one/s arrive.


What will the package look like?

Simplicity does it when it comes to shipping. With the use of e-packets by trusted manufacturers, we ship items directly to our customers. Customers don’t have to bear the brunt of extra costs from the flashy packaging of items that is why we usually opt for a more minimalist approach. We also retain our manufacturer's labels to eliminate branding costs and in turn transferring the price benefit to you.

E-packet sample

E-packet sample


How do I ship a return?

Send a mail to so we can confirm the authenticity of the return request. We will convey the physical address for you to ship to. Our policy stipulates a 30-day return grace. Please note that the shipping costs for returns need to be borne by you.

Only the cost of the product will be refunded, original shipping costs, if ever applicable, are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of original shipping, where applicable, will be duly deducted from your refund.

Your location determines the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you. Furthermore, it is advisable to use a traceable shipping service for returns if the item/s is/are over $75.

Returns are simple and easy. We guarantee to refund any item you are not entirely happy with when you return it. See our returns policy for more details.


I have a delivery confirmation but haven't received the product. What do I do?

It very rarely happens but we realise it is a possibility. Barring the very rare chance that the postman slotted the parcel in the wrong mailbox it just means;

1. It's most likely sitting in your mailbox (the physical one that sees more junk than worthy mail).

2. The person secretly stealing your avocados wanted more than just avos now.

3. Someone else at home picked it up and forgot to tell you about it (you'll be surprised how often that happens).

4. You weren't nice to your postman that day you were hungover and can't remember it.

5. Your neighbour who had the parcel wrongly delivered too has this sudden urge to open and see what's inside and later realised the packaging is destroyed and it'll be a terrible thing to give back. 

6. The postman actually left a note asking you to pick it up from the nearest collection centre (package was too big for mailbox and no one answered the door) + scenario #3 on the note happened.

If it does happen, please reach out to us for your tracking # and see if you can call your local AusPost centre and check if the parcel was brought back to the post office for some reason. If it wasn't and the delivery has practically disappeared, we'll try and work out a few options.

Going by past experience we have strong reasons to believe AusPost is extremely competent and so are the status updates we get on the tracker. While we can't take up accountability for the mail sniper hiding along your driveway hedges, we usually exercise fairness in our discretion when it dealing with each scenario. 

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