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Our research-driven disposition helps us innovate and bring to you products that are not just essentials but also trendy. We rely on your feedback , that is why in all we do, we’re focused on delivering products that cater to your needs.

With us, you get good quality clothing for mums and bubs, at affordable prices. Whether it is for spring or summer, we can spice up your wardrobe at the value of your money. Mom and Me online store is your go-to for all seasons. And because we’re customer-oriented, we remove the hassle by creatively choosing a wardrobe with a blend of classic and trendy fashion. Our great fabrics also come in different sizes; we bet you’ll love themWe are as human as every mother and father of this world.

A constant work in progress - we will evolve, transform and deliver - as we continue to listen to you, include you on our journey and ensure you don't spend hours shopping across countless stores.

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